What if there was a way to view all the latest apps right from your smartphone screen in a fun mosaic layout? Well for those of you who have Jailbroken iPhones and enjoy something a little different when it comes to tweaks, we have one that is worth getting your hands on.


AppMosaic is a great new tweak which allows users to view 200 of the top free and paid apps in a fun and colourful mosaic on your iPhone screen. It displays the various app icons only, but gives users the option to touch them to display the name and developer in a little box at the bottom of the screen, so they are never very hard to find. As the App Store app only populates 25 app icons at any one time, you need to continue pressing ‘see more’ to get through all of them. AppMosaic makes searching a far cry less tiresome than scrolling through this way. And with its unique layout you have the opportunity to view them in one quick glance, so you can always keep on top of the latest and most popular apps.  AppMosaic could be considered to be an App more than a tweak but will only work on Jailbroken devices.

Something worth mentioning to those thinking of getting this app is that it is completely dependent on WinterBoard, so you will need to make sure you have this, somewhat outdated, Jailbreak app. Also, it is recommended that you completely disable Springtomize 2 before installing, as it seems to clash quite badly. That being said, if this isn’t an issue for you, you can head over to the ModMyi repository and get installing free of charge.

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