Yesterday we told our readers information about what this year’s official name for the HTC One Mini 2 would be. We also said how the company based out of Taipei City, Taiwan was electing to keep things as simple as possible to avoid the confusion many of us has with the flagship M8 this year. It was a cause for concern when it had several names given and it was hard to keep up.

What we could not tell you, however, was any genuine and juicy information about what colors they would be coming in although we knew assuming the standard shades would probably be coming. That is mostly true with the gunmetal and silver version that we now can call official colors. The third type will be Gold.

HTC One M8

Gold has been a huge success ever since Apple released it last year with their flagship iPhone 5S. It was hugely popular and waiting lists went on for weeks as the fruit company tried to keep up with demand.

This mini version is a smaller version of the original M8 that launched this year. It is smaller in stature and with hardware specifications under the hood. However, some people do not feel the need or have any use for putting the full-priced versions hardware to work and for them the mini option becomes a great buy. It is even truer when they do not want a physical display as big as what manufacturers are producing in today’s best smartphones.

The specs and features for this year’s version are not yet announced so we cannot list them. However, we are confident it will follow the footsteps of last year’s model and be a smaller, more compact version of its big brother. Last years, Mini design, has a 4.3-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 system chip, a rear-facing camera with 4 megapixels plus more features such as the Back-illuminated sensor (BSI) and Autofocus. It also has the usual internet browsing package that comes with most Android-based OS devices including YouTube, Picasa and Google+. Most importantly, the battery does not disappoint and gives 20.72 hours talk-time. Hopefully, the same will happen again with this year’s model.

A common concern for these chopped down version is what if the battery gets chopped down also. That has not been the case so far and in many instances the battery life is nearly as good as what you would expect to find in the flagships.

Last years, HTC One Mini, was announced during July and we are expecting a similar time frame this year. Interestingly it was the M8 that came out in gunmetal also. It was our favorite color in the range and thought it looks nice. If you are looking for a safe option to buy then that is my recommendation.