A Windows mixed reality headset works best with motion controllers. Motion controllers are an alternative to gestures. And Microsoft considers them better than gestures because they offer better precision when interacting with digital objects. Your motion controllers will go hand in hand with the mixed reality headset.

Motion controllers are compatible with immersive headsets; however, they are not compatible with the Hololens.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to set up and pair the mixed reality motion controllers in Windows 10. This article assumes you have already set up your Windows mixed reality headset in Windows 10.

How to Setup and Pair Mixed Reality Motion Controllers in Windows 10

1. Open the Settings app and click on the Devices category.

2. From the Devices menu on the left, click Bluetooth and other devices.

3. Toggle on Bluetooth.

4. Above the Bluetooth toggle, click on the Add Bluetooth or other device.

5. Click Bluetooth.

6. Press and hold the Windows button on the motion controller for two seconds and wait for a buzz. It is now turned on.

7. Press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing button on the motion controller until the controller lights flash and then wait for it to be paired with the computer.

8. The Settings app will show you when the new device has been added.

9. Click Done when Windows says your device is ready to go.

In conclusion, that is how to setup/pair the motion controller to the mixed reality headset in Windows 10.