You can download the Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955U firmware by using the SamFirm_Reborn ToolBifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader Tool, or Frija.

If you try to search for Samsung firmware files on your computer, you will only be directed to blogs that have somehow gotten a hold of the firmware themselves but without there being an official Samsung source for the same files. This is because unlike many other manufacturers such as Google and Xiaomi, Samsung does not offer a location to download the firmware directly from their websites.

Blogs will then scrap the latest firmware builds from Samsung’s FUS (Firmware Update Server) and upload the files to a cloud storage site and give them to those who search for them. But downloading firmware from these sites isn’t ideal because files as critical as firmware need to be coming from utmost trusted sources.

Thankfully Recognized XDA Developer Ivan Meler has created a tool called SamFirm_Reborn that allows you to enter your model number and region and the tool itself will download the official firmware from Samsung for you, thus eliminating the concern of your firmware being corrupted. Alternatively, there is another reliable program called Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader developed by Zachary Wander, also of XDA Developers,  that works similarly.

You can download the SamFirm_Reborn Tool and the Samsung Firmware Downloader Tool using the links below so you can install them with Samsung’s proprietary flashing software, Odin.

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Download SM-T280 Firmware (Flash File)

Use the links below to download the SamFirm_Reborn Tool and the Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader Tool:

Download: SamFirm_Reborn

Download: Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader