If you want to connect the Samsung SM-A045F smartphone to a computer that runs the Windows operating system so you can do developing and testing, you sometimes may need to install the driver for it manually.

You can install the official Samsung OEM USB driver on your Windows OS PC and it will work for the Samsung SM-A045F smartphone.

Moreover, there is a universal ADB driver that some people prefer to use because it combines most OEM drivers in one package. If you are testing several devices, you may prefer using it as an all-one-one driver.

Note that only developers usually need to install USB drivers manually. For most people, when you connect the Samsung SM-A045F smartphone to the computer, the drivers should automatically install (you won’t notice them).

If you are installing the drivers, it is easy to do. The Samsung file we gave is an executable file, meaning it is already unzipped. All you need to do is double-click on it from the Downloads folder in File Explorer and then follow the setup process.