Most of the time when you connect the Samsung SM-A037U1 smartphone to the Windows computer, the Samsung drivers will install automatically. However, sometimes when developers are testing, they need to install the drivers manually. Other times people may have deleted the drivers and need to reinstall them.

With drivers, you have several options. Most OEMs will offer a USB driver that works for their smartphones. You can use the latest Samsung USB driver and it will work for the Samsung SM-A037U1 smartphone.

Moreover, you may also be able to find a driver developed for your processor which makes just the same. For instance, MediaTek and Qualcomm drivers if you have those processors.

Moreover, there is a universal ADB driver that you can use whenever you have a Samsung smartphone. The universal ADB driver is an all-in-one driver that compiles as many of the main OEM drivers as possible into one file. So if you have a smartphone from one of the more popular OEMs, you know the universal ADB driver will work fine.

Installing the Samsung driver is simple. It’s an executable file (not a zip file), so all you need to do is open the Downloads folder in File Explorer and then double-click on the driver file. It will then run through a quick installation wizard where you follow the on-screen instructions.