A Samsung Spokesperson has revealed the plans to release two different Tizen smartphones by the end of the second quarter in 2014. However, there is a catch and if you live in the US it is not a good one. Because of “poor market conditions” Samsung will not be releasing these phones in America, the Linux-based operating system for devices will instead pursue countries where they think they can do well. That would explain the hold up because we have heard rumors of these handsets existing for a while. Instead of scrapping the plans altogether similar to what Amazon did with the 3D prototype that has just leaked today, where the largest online retailers packed up the boxes for a later date, Tizen would prefer to carry on with the original plan of releasing them now.

Late 2013 has rumors flying that the galaxy S5 could be here with Tizen and not Android OS. We know that did not turn it to be true, but what if the new Quad HD “prime” is a Tizen handset instead? That would be our first thought if we were to go on the information we have today. Sammy repeatedly denies reports of another Galaxy S5 existing and it is possible they are telling the truth and the handset will be released under a different name. However, that is unlikely to be true because of the mere fact that this is “unlikely” to arrive at the United States.

Samsung Redwood Tizen

Secondly, there is two devices coming from Tizen. The first is a high-end device and the second will aim to tackle the competitive mid-range market. Interestingly neither wants to take on the low-end market where a lot of Android finds its success.

We all know Samsung having a long history with Android and many people will instantly relate the two names with each other. However, Android is not the only operating system that Sammy have used over the years. There are others like Windows Phone and even the Tizen 2.0 SDK released during 2013. Yes, the name Tizen had been around before only we knew it as an OS. They now want to make a full-fledged device so good luck to them when they launch. It was originally believed that they would produce something by the Mobile World Congress, but that came and went without a trace of any movement from this camp.

Via Reuters