Phillips is not a household name in the smartphone industry, and, in fact, if it was not for the 5.3-inch Android Dual SIM phone that was talked about very early on in 2013, we would not have mentioned them at all.

That all changes now thanks to a new Phillips smartphone launching in China that has a whopping 5300 mAh battery inside that is sure to see out the day properly.

Philips Xenium W6618

When it comes to our mobiles arguably the biggest problem right behind a lack of storage space is the battery life. It never seems to last as long as advertised and after you own the phone for a few months it starts draining even faster because it is getting older. Combine that with the applications, poor receptions, memory being used and the battery can drain so fast you wish you had a different device. It should not be so painful.

Thanks to Phillips, of all companies, there is now a new smartphone called the W6618 that aims to solve this common problem by carrying a 5300 mAh battery inside the case. Compare that to the new Samsung Galaxy S5 that has a battery capacity of 2800 mAh and you’ll soon see what the excitement is about. For the record, Sammy has in the specs page that the 2800 mAh gives 21 hours talk-time and 16.2 days stand-by time. Now we all know from using them ourselves that in the real world we never see anything like that unless we take them out of the box and don’t put anything on them but we should be able to double today’s standard with this new offering by Phillips. For further reference, the iPhone 5S has a 1570 mAh battery and Apple say it lasts for 10 hours talk-time and 10.4 days stand-by time.

As you can see by looking at the Samsung and Apple statistics it is not as simple as looking at the mAh alone to work out how long it will last. But by looking at them collectively, it is fair to say what the ballpark figure should balloon out to and that is enough time for us not to worry about wondering if our batteries are going to be running out before we get home from work. It is often the case because we have been using them too much during the day. It is one day that the world has been looking forward to. The listed time by the Dutch diversified technology company is 24 hours talk time.

The rest of the specs for the Philips W6618 suggest that this will be a mid-range handset that should be affordable for many in China. The display is 5-inches and it has a quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz and uses only 1 GB of RAM instead of the usual 2 GB we find in most decent mobiles out west. Speaking of the rest of the world, if you live outside of China do not hope for this device to reach you any other way except eBay because there is no plans to launch it in Europe, Australia or the United States.

For us, it is a head scratcher how China has managed to come up with a battery as impressive as this before us, but hopefully the newly found technology will find its way around the globe soon enough. I am sure most companies are already ordering this handset to tear it apart and use the technology inside.