The Samsung galaxy S4 now comes in a new Blue Arctic color that could be the best color on the S4 we’ve seen yet. If you want this one you will have to shop at Best Buy because it isn’t found anywhere else.

While considered rather annoying by many who have already bought their handsets from a lesser range of colors, Samsung has done this to keep sales pumping. For that reason it’s understandable why they dish out the extra color options later on after the first release with much less.

The Arctic Blue version will be available from November 14 on in the United States.

For a full size picture as well as added information you can click here to check out the Best Buy page where it is listed.

If you are a Best Buy member who is on the Elite Plus or My Best Buy Elite list you can pre-order this one starting this Friday.

The S4 has many different types such as the Zoom, Mini, Mega, Active and so on, but this blue version will only be available for the standard flagship handset.

As a refresher, the Samsung galaxy S4 has two different models, but there will only be one model sold in the country you are in. The reason for this is because they are an international variant and the US model. The reason they did this wasn’t to give their home country a better phone, but rather put into use, the local 4G LTE networks that Samsung knows America has. The US I9505 version is equipped with a 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor that is optimized to do exactly that. The international I9500 model on the other hand, has an Exynos 5 Octa (8-core) CPU.

Via AndroidAuthority