It’s perfectly natural for handsets and tablets take on the newest software as time goes by, but any time one particular firmware version is used on over 50% of the Android ecosystem it’s worth noting.

The next highest was the one that used to lead the way: Gingerbread. It now holds just over one-quarter of the devices being used as the operating system.

As time goes on and firmware gets better and better the number will likely increase once more. Whether that will happen in quick succession or not is anybody’s guess, but as it stands today the next OS KitKat has been extremely well sort after.

Jelly Bean goes from Android 4.1 through to 4.3 and KitKat takes off at 4.4, and that’s as far as we went today. With that being said, Android 4.4.1 is apparently already in the works and not far off being released. We’ll cover more on that a bit later today.

As for now, this number will now start to spiral downwards because Kit Kat was only just released this month. Expect that to take a hit as it becomes available on more handsets over the next month.

Via: Android Central