Every once in awhile we need a good shake up to remind us that the words we hear won’t always become true. Leaks have become so reliable these days that they almost completely take away the joys of a launch because we think we know everything about that product already.

Luckily, that isn’t always the case, and this latest roundup from the company that make the Note’s is a fitting example of how we are only human after all.

The bio-metric fingerprint sensor will no longer be on board the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This has been confirmed by the company themselves. The rumor itself was never confirmed, but the fact that the spokesmen came out and said it won’t be there “anymore’due to a last minute pull out”, shows us that the rumor was more than likely true after all.

Samsung is playing it down and saying that it is still on schedule for an early 2014 release, but if we didn’t know better we would say that they decided to opt out at the last minute because of some issues with the technology.

After Apple released it there has been several security flaws and bugs. That was probably what got the Korean company spooked, as they didn’t want an even bigger mess on the table.

The response from most fans has been surprisingly not too bad. Many are with the opinion that they would prefer it not be there at all than be there and not working to satisfactory levels.

What’s your view? Will you still be buying the Note 3 even though it no longer has anything special in store for us all?

There was also a rumor that the Note 3 would be the first Android device to be hooked up with the 4.4 Kit Kat. This has not been neither confirmed or denied at this point. It is also possible that they decided one big bang was enough at a time, therefor the new, never to be seen before chocolate firmware could indeed be there.