The ongoing struggles of HTC could be on public display sooner rather than later if Asian manufacturer, Lenovo has anything to do with it.

Lenovo is reportedly very aggressively attempting to pursue and buyout HTC, and relieve them from their woes.

It’s an interesting move by Lenovo, who do well over in the East, but haven’t really penetrated the Western markets at all just yet. They were, however, planning on pursuing the West this year and we have been reporting on that as a separate mission of intent all year.

HTC themselves is a Taiwanese based company, but their mobiles have been seen far and wide, including taking their fair share of the United States market. The most recent work from them was the HTC One, which performed very well indeed.

If talks are successful, it is highly possible that big L company out of China keep the HTC brand name and operate out of it rather than using their own name. If that were the case, we can still expect to see the usual HTC Smartphone range.

If we didn’t know any better, we might not suspect a thing.

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