The Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 has just received an update to a later version of 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The new build number is XXUBMHF.

It is not a huge update for the features. The main focus is to fix errors reported in from its users on the bug side of things. Many of those reported will now be ironed out. Its other main focus was to fix the stability.

This update released over the air for owners. It will not be rolling out worldwide, but rather for a limited market. There has been no word from the team that specific regions are expecting it.

Some users who have already managed to install this new XXUBMHF firmware have stated that it does run smoothly and better than the earlier version.

We here provide the firmware file. However, do not attempt to install it manually if you do not know how to do it. Instead, make sure you find a tutorial to help you out. It will avoid any unnecessary issues which you may create to your devices.

This official firmware started rolling out to selected mobiles on the 26th of September 2013. This news follows on from the original test build which was announced in July. The new firmware is only to be installed on the Grand that has the model number of i9082. It will not work on the others.


Turn off any antivirus or antimalware software program running on the Windows computer and the Samsung smartphone because both have the ability to cause upsets and interfere with ODIN.

Backup all of your device contacts and personal data by using the devices internal memory SD card. Many people are not very fond of these cards and wish for them to change, but we think they are great and this is one of the many reasons it is made for so make use of it. There are alternatives if you wish to backup a different way such as various apps that are available from the Google Play store.

When it is finished don’t forget to disconnect the USB thumb drive properly from the Windows-based PC to avoid causing any data corruption. It is done by right clicking the mouse on the task bar on the bottom of the desktop. Look on the opposite side of the screen as the “Start” button. A USB icon will be present near the clock and if you click it a new option called “safely remove hardware” will come. Now click this bubble and choose to stop the USB flash drive and it will prompt you when you can safely take it out. Most people do not bother doing this properly and there is uncertainty if it is needed. However, after not doing it myself I notice that I was left with less space on the drive due to corrupt memory so I always recommend doing this properly.

Turn the smartphone on and head over to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging to turn on the USB Debugging mode. It can also be done through Developer Options if you prefer that way.

 How To Flash XXUBMHF Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean To The Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082

1. Download the official firmware file from here.

2. Turn off and restart the Galaxy grand into Download Mode. Enter download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.

3. Wait for the Android logo to appear before taking the fingers away.

4. Open the ODIN application. ODIN was developed for Windows computers only.

5. Plug the grand into the computer with a USB cable.

6 It will now start charging the battery.

7. Click the PDA button inside ODIN.

8. Upload the tar file that was included inside the firmware package downloaded in step 1.

9. Double check that everything is the way it should be. Do not adjust any of the other default settings inside ODIN.

10. if you feel as though you accidentally touched another setting it is best to restart all again and not make a mistake.

11. press the start button in ODIN to start the firmware flashing process.

12. Wait until it is complete.

13. Unplug the smartphone from the computer properly by stopping the USB process.

On the rare occasion that people notice a boot loop error or any other error always start by doing the simple things first before going into drastic changes. To start with, turn off the device and take the battery out. Let it rest for five minutes before putting the battery back in the cover. If this did not fix the issue then reboot it into recovery mode. From inside recovery, we can “wipe data factory reset” to store the phone to its old state. It will result in the loss of all new data you installed on the device and that is why it is important to use the MicroSD card for backing up prior to the guide like we suggested.