Samsung is releasing loads of smartphones and tablets this year, including the flagship Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Alpha and S5 mini, the K Zoom, Note 3 Neo and the Note Edge. Now they plan on taking over the mid-range market with the newfangled A5 handset for the China region. Some say the Alpha name narrowed down to the letter ‘A’ is what we have here, but our sources suggest that is not true and they are two different smartphones coming to the Sammy range.


Instead of being a better version of the flagship with a metallic frame and a 2K resolution display, the A5 will represent one part of what is making up the full A series. At this stage we know the A3 is also a name to look out for in the coming weeks. However, the A-series including the SM-A500 we are talking about today is so hot off the press that it doesn’t have any officially leaked specs yet.

That said, we hear rumblings suggesting that the SM-A500 is the upper end of the range and is coming with a metallic body finish even though we don’t know if that’s made mostly of plastic or metal. Those more interested in the software and display will be interested to learn that it does have the TouchWiz user interface and comes with the latest Android KitKat out of the box. In addition, it comes with a Snapdragon 400 system chip, 5.0-inch HD Super AMOLED screen technology, 5 MP front-facing shooter, 13 MP leading camera mounted on the back. Into the bargain is a 2,330 mAh battery and 16 GB of internal storage, although it’s not known whether they will include the external storage MicroSD card options. The final feature worth noting is the dual-SIM support. The Dual-SIM variants are becoming increasingly popular in lineups due to countries that border each other and make it illegal to use smartphone without swapping it over.


SamMobile, the company who came up with these picture leaks, also give us information on what they are expecting to come with the SM-A300 budget variant. Interestingly the SoC has Snapdragon 410 power coupled with a 540 x 950 screen resolution. It’s easy to mull over that being the more premium option, however, the rumored 8 MP rear-facing leading camera here is considerably less than that of its counterpart. Processors¬†vary depending on the targeted market, but when it comes to megapixels inside snapper, we are not familiar with any model that cuts down on that for the more top-end device. Furthermore, tradition tells us that the higher numbers are the ones that surpass and outshine the competition.