The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are receiving the freshest iOS 8 update arriving over the air. The build number for this software update is namely 12A365 and it comes with an overabundance of features including QuickType, better-quality messages app, support for 3rd party keyboards and the new HealthKit that comes with compatibility with the Apple watches. In addition to all of those users will notice enhanced Spotlight, iCloud Drive and interactive notifications. All on top what is a fresh, vibrant and colorful user-interface that we haven’t seen before.

Distinctively, the new software iteration is compatible for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. The innovative iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is coming out of the box with this software too. However, by that stage we will be closer to iOS 8.0.1 for some owners who won’t have the iPhone 6 when it first arrives in stores. Like I previously mentioned, the iPhone 4S is well-matched, but it misses out on a small number of the features that the newer handsets have.

iOS 8

As usual, the software rollout happens in stages so people will start seeing the notification at different times. Nonetheless, you can turn the device on and navigate your way to the ‘Settings’ app, click the ‘General’ option followed by ‘software updates.’ The screen will show a message stating that it’s “checking for updates” and will ping back the results. Make sure you go to the Settings app again and click the general tab followed by ‘About’ and check how much storage space is left. The iOS 8 update is big, requiring 5.7 GB of free internal storage space to work.

Apple handsets are different to Android-based smartphones and tablet since they don’t offer external storage options such as the MicroSD card. However, the fruit company does offer storage by using iCloud so users can store their photos and music files in the cloud. Despite recent security scares, it’s still a fantastic way to free up some much-needed space.

Alternatively, users can download the direct IPSW from the links below and install the update manually.

Download iOS 8