It’s now been just over two months since Rovio came out and announced the new Star Wars Angry Birds game heading our way, along with a trailer to go with. Now, after careful deliberation, they’ve just released 4 big time trailers. I say big time because they each reveal a brand new character for the new Star Wars II game.

Meet Droideka, TIE Fighter Pilot, Zam Wesell and Emperor Palpatine, who put together, make up the new guys that will be featured in the new soon to be released Angry Birds game.

The notion of the new characters can be traced back to when they revealed they would be making telepods to go along with the game. If you are having trouble remember what exactly they are, we explained them in the first article linked above. Basically, they’re an aftermarket add on an extension to the actual game itself.

You can check them out below in order as previously mentioned.

Just how much of a role they will each play in the actual game is currently anybody’s guess, however, we assume they will be in there somewhere and not just a teleport inclusion.

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