The official YouTube app has just received an update for all Android device owners, no matter what it is. All of you can update now and get the latest 5.0.21 APK from the direct link below.

This is known to be quite a big update, giving users many reasons to update over its past predecessor — the 4.5.17.

What does this edition have?

A complete UI overhaul, with many new and improved features on top of the new look. As time goes by, things always get laid out better and things become simplified as well as easier to use. This update is no exception.

There’s been a lot of updates which are included swipe across the screen as the way to go about things of late in the Android firmwares. You can now add YouTube to the long list also, as they now have their own swipe to adjust the window size of playing videos. That in itself is handy enough to evoke a download isn’t it?

Creating a more economical YouTube experience has also been the focus. Expect things like playlist and the history of what you have previously been watching to have become easier to re-access.

Thanks to Google and YouTube the official APK is now available as a file which can be downloaded by all wishing to update manually. You can find it directly below.

Download YouTube 5.0.21 apk for Android

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