Google has just released the new Google Play app on the Play Store. It can be downloaded for all Smartphones and tablets. This new build brings the number to 4.3.11.

This update is considered to be minor in regards to overall new features and extra upgrades. There were a few known bugs, as per usual, which have managed to be patched. That alone seems to be the first and foremost reason this build was brought out.

For those of you insisting on finding out something at least noteworthy in the update here it is: Search Adapter and PlayTabContaine features have been changed to a noticeable degree. However, that too has succumbed to the bug fix battle.

Users can expect another update coming in the next few weeks. More likely than not, having a larger impact. If you are interested in checking out this one you can get your hands on it from the link below.

Download Google Play Store 4.3.11 for Android