Having just finished creating the firmware update, we are now going to show you how to root it should that be something you want. Installing the new firmware kills any customization you may have had, so if you did open the device up you will need to do it again, this time using the updated guide we have here.

The device that this is for is of course the Galaxy Note 2 LTE R950. Do not attempt to follow this guide for any other, as it was not made for the others.

When we talk about dual-SIM phones, we are referring to the one’s that have two SIM cards to use. Many of the present day phones have this functionality. Lots of people are asking the question will they still have this operation if they do the root. The answer to that question is yes, you will. Following this guide will not take away any of the features your handset once had at all. The whole point of this exercise is to enhance the features whilst keeping the same ones in tact. There’s no need to be worried, or to have any kind of negative stimulus associated with this kind of procedure. It is very safe and professionally done.

Note 2 LTE

To make things even better, we even have been given a CyanogenMod installer now as an application to be downloaded from the Google Play store. This makes adding a custom recovery a heck of a lot easier than what it was yesterday. This should easily increase the amount of people we see on the modifying side of things which is great for everybody.

Details of Note

  • Substantiate that the USB Drivers are running up to date and ready for use. Additionally, verify that the USB Debugging Mode is turned on so that we can make the connection successfully.
  • Unchaining the OS is unlocking the internal hardware to bigger and better things such as the use of Custom ROMs and aftermarket applications that are for fun and also changing the hardware capabilities. Without unchaining the operating system none of this is possible.
  • The steps are only for people running a Windows-based operating system since the app made by the Samsung developers only works on the Microsoft software. Do not attempt the installation process using an Apple mac OS X or Linux machine. Furthermore, you can use a notebook, laptop or computer as long as it runs anything from XP through to Windows 8.
  • Download the root checker application from the Google Play Store here and make sure that it worked after you finish the steps.

How To Root The Samsung Note 2 LTE R950 running VXAME2 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware

1. Download the Chainfire CF-Auto-Root file for R950XXBMD5 file, as well as ODIN 3.07. Extract the contents.

2. Boot the note up into download mode.

3. Open the Odin we downloaded, ensuring you are running it as an admin.

4. Plug the note into the computer via the universal serial bus.

5. Now from inside Odin, select the PDA tab, and fetch out the CF-Auto-Root-t0lteusc-t0lteusc-schr950.tar.md5 file. Upload into this place.

6. Ensure that the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check boxes are checked. Do not check any of the others.

7. Press the start button located inside Odin again. This will now root the device.

8. The handset will reboot itself since we checked this option from Odin.

9. Remember to disconnect the smartphone properly by stopping over at the “safely remove hardware” icon in the Windows system tray.

Please tell us how you went with this. Was there anything missing you wish we had of mentioned? We love this kind of advice to help out the future people using the guide. For the most part we always do our best to give you everything you need, but even we are not perfect and forget the simple things sometimes. If you are experiencing any link downtime or errors, please let us know and we will search for this resolution. We do have a program that tells us how our links are doing, but we don’t check this everyday as I’m sure you can understand.