This another one of those smart phone that is a really good buy if you don’t have wads of spare cash, yet want to have a device that’s new and sporting really cool features. It’s brought to you by Cricket, which aren’t one of the biggest names in the mobile industry, however, they are bringing out some nice quality mobiles. About the only thing that can I narrow down as a potential problem when assessing this phone, is if someone asks what the Cricket score is. It could easily be misinterpreted as asking for the sport stats.

If you have a computer you want to back up the handset first. This is done on the Mac or PC, it really doesn’t matter. Of course, many things to do with Android rely on the Windows PC, but for just backing up alone it is not needed. To do this there are many ways, but we like to recommend this method because for me personally, it is the easiest even if it does take a bit more time. It is also a method that should stand the test of time and if you are familiar with using a computer, it will be easy for you to pick up. Sometimes this type of thing is very confusing and we aim to take away all that. It’s a good idea you grow to like doing a backup of your data and have no problem doing it because you should do it often. Probably a lot more often than you actually do. It doesn’t matter of you are following one of these guides, or doing something completely different. Anything can happen at any given time leaving you with nothing on the device. This is why we want to do this.

ZTE Score

Our method requires utilizing the Micro SD card that comes with the handset. You will now want to pop up the shops and buy an SD card reader. As the store clerk for help if you don’t know what it is. You could even ask them to describe what you want it for and they could make you feel more comfortable with what you are doing. Now that we have that we can literally read the contents of your current SD card that is stored internally. By plugging in the USB stick on the Mac or Windows-based computer, a file should pop up on the screen. This will be your phone contents as it now stands. Now you need to create a new folder and name it anything you like as long as you remember what it has. Now using the normal click and rag feature, use your mouse to transfer the contents over to the new folder. It’s as simple as that. The time-consuming part is now watching the files be transferred. If you use torrents or something like that, you might be familiar with how long a file transfer can take. Expect the same amount of time to apply here. Computers still aren’t very fast at making this happen, but you don’t need to stick around and watch it. Just return in about 5 or 10 minutes and then disconnect the USB properly to avoid any corrupted files and you’re finished. Now you can pick up the rest of the guide.

Details of Note

  • Backup the phone contacts, SMS texts with SMS backup +, music files, audio files, pictures, EFS folder and videos. use apps such as helium and Titanium available from Google Play. if you don’t have root access already the best one to use is Helium for storing data and syncing the contacts.
  • Make sure you have the up-to-date USB Drivers. In addition, go to the Developer Options menu from inside the Settings application and enable USB Debugging Mode.

How to root the ZTE Score X500 for Cricket Subscribers with One Click

1. Hit up this link for the root package you will need.

2. Extract the files to the desktop of the computer.

3. Connect the mobile to the computer via USB cable.

4. Fetch out the ZergRushTempRoot.bat file from inside the extracted contents and run it.

5. From here, let the on-screen instructions take over and guide you through the rest of the process.

Don’t forget what I taught you about the SD card. This is good practice for all the time and not just when rooting. It’s good to do a backup of your contacts, data and applications often because you never know when something could go wrong.

Using a simple tool like this one here doesn’t usually mean a lot of things go wrong. For the most part it is a simple operation. However, this is a machine we are talking about and you should never fully rely on them having your back. It’s up to you to do that for yourself. If you come across any problems from here you should have no problem performing a factory reset by going inside of the recovery mode and selecting it from the options screen. Now you can plug it back into the computer and put the contents back on it again from the file. This should get you out of trouble for most things that you do.

Download the root checker app from the Google Play store and verify the success.