LG is making a great name for themselves with many electronics, and their latest effort in the mobile industry is no exception. The phone I’m talking about is the new Optimus entry called the L5 E610. It has a very familiar look to it, much like all the other LG phones. The look I’m talking about is a rather square shape that still manages to keep a certain amount of class to it. Originally named back in February, it has only hit stores now.

This phone is an interesting one. With so many good deals out there these days, this one arguably isn’t it, especially with 4G coming our way in the present. It seems a touch pricey for what it has to offer. While it does have the familiar looks, the build quality is cheap.

LG Optimus L5

Details of Note

  • So what does it have to offer? It does have a couple of things to lure a buyer in, such as the NFC. Those unaware of what that is, is standing for near field communication and in a nutshell, lets users communicate via radio signals, so long as they are within range. Kind of like a really good-looking walkie-talkie. Why bother? It’s cheap. If you have a lot of talks with people near, then why not use this? You pay for it short-term, however, it ends up a bargain in the long run. It also has the latest Android 4.0 as an operating system.
  • Make sure you have the up to date USB Drivers and the USB Debugging Mode unlocked from the Developer Options menu. The Developer Option is available from the Settings application once you turn on the phone.
  • Verifying the battery has enough power to see out the operation without it turning off. Turn the phone on and check the battery icon showing on the status bar from the main display screen.
  • Rooting a smartphone or Android tablet means we are unchaining the OS and opening it up to better things. With it we can install custom ROMs and customize themes, giving us a unique experience that stock firmware does not offer. However, there is a downside to all of this. The manufacturers warranty will be revoked by following the steps. You can return the flash counter back to zero and make the warranty work again by returning back to stock software.
  • You should know that most warranties issues around the world are only for a limited time and don’t last forever. We are now coming close to 2015 today and if you haven’t got root access yet chances are there is no more warranty anyway.

The LG Optimus L5 root guide.

1. Head over to this XDA thread and get your hands in the root package.

2. Extract the file. You can do this to any place of your choice, as long as it’s somewhere on the computer.
– use the desktop or the C: Drive.

3. Use the universal serial bus cable to make a connection between the LG Optimus and the PC.
– look at the USb wire connecting the phone charger if you cannot find it.

4. Locate the One Click and go ahead and open it.

5. From here it is simple. A set of instructions will appear and you need to follow them. They are easy to understand and there’s nothing more I can help you with.

6. Don’t unplug the smartphone from the computer until you stop the USB Mass Storage device.

If you are not on any kind of root access yet, then you want to back up the Smartphone by using the Micro SD card. To do this you will first need to head over to your local retailer and buy an SD card reader. This reader will have instructions inside the box. Basically what it does is allows your current SD card to be viewed. Once you plug into the computer, it will show all of your contents which is now stored on the handset. Now you can create a new folder and simply drag over the files you want to back up. Keep notes of what you called the folder and where you are keeping it so it is found again. Now this is where you can get it next time if need be.

If you are already coming from root access then the preferred method is a Nandroid back up. This guide can vary depending on which device you are using so head over to one of the of popular forums like XDA to fully understand what you are doing here. It is generally known as being slightly on the more challenging side so this is why we don’t recommend it just for a normal installation. If all that sounds too difficult then there are other options to go along with it. Take certain applications, for example, which can be purchased from the Google Play store. These will also come with instructions and make life easier for you. It will also create a simple place from your home screen where you can get your contacts, but remember for certain things you can lose all of your apps too! It doesn’t offer a good solution for this.