The LG Splendor is basically the same device as the Optimus L7, only the Splendor is exclusively a product of US Cellular. This mobile originally came with Android 4.0 ICS, and you can in fact use this guide for that original stuff. The good thing about this is, though, that it will also be good to use for any firmware updates you have obtained since then. This includes the latest Jelly Bean (JB) also. It can all be done via the tool in which you will install during the first step.

There seems to be this craze where manufacturers will try to call their phones delicious names, or at least names that have a secret “lure you in” type appeal to them. Fortunately, this one is more than just a name and does do a good job at producing the goods at the same time as sound tasty.

LG Splendor

The Splendor wasn’t a very big phone, but it did manage to sneak its way down the pipeline all the way to US. Cellular. This isn’t a carrier that would typically pick up the really small phones, but they have come off the bottom in the last few years and do try their hand in the mid-range market. Having said that, this mobile is so small that you’ll struggle to find any more news on it other than that.

Verify that the USB Debugging Mode is already enabled from the Developer Options menu. Tick the box so it is on if it is not already and navigate your way back out of there. Also, make sure you have the up to date USB Drivers for the successful connection.

Make the effort to backup all the sensitive device data such as any phone contacts, EFS folder, music files, other audio files, pictures and video footage that you do want to risk losing.

How to root the Splendor from LG running ICS or Jelly Bean

1. Hit up the XDA thread for the root package and extract the files. We recommend the desktop for easy access.

2. Connect the Splendor to the computer via USB.

All of my friends that I know are obsessed with their apps. Many have gone through the struggles of having to download them all over again when changing mobiles because they didn’t back them up. This is really frustrating as well as time-consuming, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you! Back up now or else it will be too late if you go any further.

3. From the files you extracted, fetch out the file.

4. From here a screen will pop up asking what you would like to do. Choose to root the device from here.

Now a set of instructions will appear. Simply follow them to finish up.

[Source: XDA] Please remember to thank the original developers and buy them a drink with a donation. You can do this by following the source link through.

This is all about getting rid of those pesky factory standard restrictions that stop us from using the device to a certain extent. There’s no good reason to have these on other than to protect the companies and their branding. They seem to get up tight knowing that there might be other ways to make money if the restrictions are taken off. That doesn’t bother us, though, and if we pay for our Smartphones then surely we can do what we want with them right? If they don’t like it, then maybe they should just start charging people more for them as a surcharge. No, I’m just kidding, we don’t want that!

Download the root checker application available from the Google Play Store and verify the attainment.

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