If you have one of the fantastic Verizon Galaxy S4’s and are looking to get your smartphone rooted, look no further. The team at XDA Developers has worked hard and has released a root method courtesy of developer who has packaged the root tool together in an easy to use kit. Follow the tutorial after the jump to get your Verizon Galaxy S4 rooted.

As with all tutorials, please back up your device before you begin and go ahead at your on risk. Tech Chomps will not take any responsibility for any loss of data or damage which may occur to your device during the how to root Verizon Galaxy S4 I545 tutorial. Please make sure you read the root method in full before proceeding.

Verizon Galaxy S4

Before you begin please ensure:

  • You are using a PC running Windows.
  • You are attempting the root using a Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Verizon.
  • You have installed the latest driver from Samsung or better yet Samsung Kies.
  • You have USB Debugging enabled on your device.
  • You have unknown sources checked on your device.
  • You do not have a password or pattern lock on your device.

Rooting the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1. First you will need to download the following file:

I545 All-In-One Tool

Step 2. Once downloaded, unzip it to your desktop.

Step 3. Check again to ensure USB debugging is enabled.

Step 4. Connect your device to your PC via USB. At this stage your device will display a message asking to authorize your PC, you will need to select ‘Always Allow’.

Step 5. Locate the ‘RUN_ME’ file and click on it to launch.

Step 6. Select the option you need from the menu.  If you are rooting for the first time you will need to press ‘1’ followed by ‘Enter’.

Step 7. Follow the on-screen instructions, each step may take some time so be patient. Make sure you don’t disconnect your device until it is complete.

That’s it, choose the Recovery you want, follow the step and enjoy how simple this method is thanks to phb090808. He has made a note that you may be prompted when rebooting from recovery that you have been lost. If this message appears just select ‘No’. If you want to contribute to the hard-working team at XDA you can follow the source links below.

You can verify everything is working by installing the root checker application from the Google Play Store. There’s a few different versions of the root checker app that all do a similar thing. The one in the link is the app we find works the best.

(Source: phb090808(XDA Developers))

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