The Moto X is the smart phone that Google and Motorola teamed up to produce and is possibly the best value for money out there today. It basically competes with the best of them, but comes to you at only a fraction of the price.

Why not get one then? For many, it is simply not available in their parts of the world after Google decided to manufacture it in the US, and then, keep its sales there. They have announced a “similar” device heading to other shores around the globe. There is not yet any further information available about it.

Wooden Moto X

For now, though, there are many Americans who are able to enjoy it and from various United States carriers also. Lucky that basically all of them are able to use this root guide including the likes of, Verizon, At&T, US Cellular, Sprint and Rogers. Their guide is taken from XDA and was created by a developer named “JCase”.

Details of Note

  • This method used is also the same as the method which was used to root the Droid MAXX, Ultra and mini models.
  • Always remember to go ahead with caution. This guide requires ADB which is more for experienced users. If you are a novice it is advised to get somebody else to help you out to avoid causing any damage to the device.
  • All instructions and information are meant for the Moto X only. Don’t try and copy this guide for any other device. Doing so can cause serious damage, including the worst case scenario of bricking your device.
  • Back up all important personal data before proceeding. Using the internal storage is the way we advise to back up because it’s easy and also what it’s there for so you might as well make the most of it.
  • Enable USB Debugging by going to the Developer Options menu. This menu came after Android 4.0 was released. However, on the odd occasion some people can’t find it. If it isn’t displayed for you I will teach you how to bring up the Developer Options menu. Go to the settings app and scroll down to ‘About Phone’ and inside here will be the firmware build number. Tap on the build number 7 times.

Root Moto X On Many Of The U.S. Carriers Including AT&T, Rogers, U.S Cellular, Verizon & Sprint:

Download the carrier specific version of MotoRoot1.1 that you need:
Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint, Rogers, AT&T

Install the downloaded file by typing “adb install -r (carrier specific file you downloaded)”
[such as adb install -r MotoRoot1.1-Verizon.apk]

Then run the MotoRoot app on the phone, and click on the Setup button.

Phone will reboot, and will now be rooted.

Download and Install the modified SuperSU version 1.66 from here, as the one from the Google Play store is not compatible.

Uninstalling the app will disable root until reinstalled
supersu is not able to update su yet, this will be fixed in an update shortly.
su is maintained in a ext4 img at /data/xbin.img and mounted over /system/xbin at BOOT_COMPLETE.
su is not available for the first few seconds of boot, im working on this.
/system is write protected, even with unlocked bootloaders you can not write to it while booted in Android.

Two choices, factory reset, or press the unroot menu option in the app.

That’s the end of the task. You can check and verify that it was successful by clicking this link to the Google Play Store and downloading the Root Checker application.