This method will show readers how you can get root access on the LG G2 for Verizon carriers only. If you are signed up with any of the other carriers such as the T-Mobile, AT&T, or any of the Korean carriers then click here for the other guide.

Because the Verizon version was only released 2 days ago, the method developed is a different one. In all honesty, it is much simpler, so be happy if you are on the Verizon version. For the full help guide, hit up this XDA thread.


When you open up the link you want to scroll down the page to the second set of instructions. This is the correct ones for the Verizon version of the mobile. You should see it written as a heading above where it says step 1. You can also check the comments for any issues and recommendation from other users who have used this method already. It’s always a great way to avoid any dilemmas and a sure-fire way to quick success.

You may also know of others who are looking to root their phones, who own other devices that this method is capable of satisfying also. For the full list, you can check out underneath the guide. Here it will state over ten devices this can be used for. Just be sure you have the correct extra information, which should also be listed next to the phone name.

Extra information: The Verizon version of the G2 actually has its own root status located inside of the about phone menu. This is being configured by the carrier, which is really neat. Clearly this company is in support of this kind of thing, which is great to see.

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