These days, if you want to get the most out of your smartphones, you must consider gaining root privileges to the internal hardware. While the stock Android operating systems gives owners much joy, nothing comes close to having root access. With it, users can install custom ROMs which change the design and features, remove bloatware that comes pre-loaded by OEMs and phone carriers, increase the performance and more.

The Spice Stellar Glamour, otherwise known as the Spice Mobile Mi-436, is one device that’s still popular in India. If you own this device and wish to learn how to hack the internal system, just follow the guide we have prepared after the jump.

Spice Stellar

A rooting operation is in reality part of unlocking a mobile phone. We know the OEMs lock them up to reduce what people can do with them after they buy the handset. Unlocking is easy to complete for all Android devices, thus you can get that done on the Spice mobiles too.

Before starting the guide, you should know that by gaining root access, you are removing the stock and factory restrictions in place over your Android operating system. That means you are opening it up so you have more access to the internal system. Rooting privileges are usually reserved for advanced Android users who wish to get more control over the devices they own.

Just in case something were to actually go wrong, it’s best to take a backup before starting. You can use the same backup applications from Google Play for the Spice mobiles that you would use for the Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC or any other mainstream mobile phone. The Helium app is hard to beat to this day. However, there are many alternatives. The best alternative is taking a NANDrid backup, but you cannot do that until after you have root with a custom recovery installed.

Since having root on your Android isn’t anything to do with Spice or the phone OEMs themselves, you are breaking the guidelines for any warranty. As such, you cannot expect to send this device away for free repairs until after you unroot it again. Only once the device is unrooted are you then able to send it away for free repairs. Of course, the Mi-436 is now aging and most people’s warranties will be naturally void by this time anyway.

Files you need:

  • Download the root with restore from here.
  • Download the Spice USB Drivers for mobile phones here and install it on the Windows computer.
  • Download the ADB drivers you need from here.

Rooting the Spice Mobile Stellar Glamour Mi-436 Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

  1. Extract the rooting file that’s listed above (root with restore) to the desktop of the computer so you can use it. For those that don’t already know,m that means unzip the file.
  2. Right-click the mouse on the desktop and select > New > Folder to create a new folder.
  3. Rename the folder “Root for Mi-436” so you can remember the name.
  4. Transfer the rooting file that’s unzipped over to the new folder you just created.
  5. Connect the Spice Mobile to the same computer where you have the file. You’ll need the USB cable for that.
  6. Click the RunMe.bat file from n the folder and it will start-up a program on the computer.
  7. Follow the few on-screen instructions to finish rooting the device.