If you love social media and Android then it makes sense that you would own the fabulous Social Networking savvy phone, the HTC Salsa with its very own dedicated Facebook button! And if you do own and love this smartphone, you need to read our guide below on how to root the HTC Salsa thanks to the hardworking team at XDA Developers. Then you will be able to enjoy not only the social media aspects of this device, but all those fantastic root-only apps from the Play store.

Rooting Android devices is always reserved for advanced users, since it is easy to brick down the device. Since you lose the warranty by unlocking the internal system, you cannot send the device away for free repairs; thus you must know what you are doing before starting.

HTC Salsa

You should only follow this guide if you have a Windows-based PC and no other type of operating system. The guide won’t work for anyone who owns a Mac or runs Linux — although Linux is really cool.

It’s always best to temporarily deactivate the security features on your computer, such as disabling any anti-malware or antivirus packages. Just be sure to remember to turn them on again after you finish the tutorial or else you risk browsing the internet unprotected.

It’s better to charge the smartphone so that it won’t shut off during the guide. That means charging it up so there’s at least 60% battery power.

The said guide is only made with the HTC Salsa in mind. Do not try doing this on any other HTC device. We have other guides for that on the website.


Important note before you start:

 Please ensure your device is in S-OFF mode before you complete this procedure. You can check this by following the below steps:

  • Shut down your HTC Salsa.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Put the battery back in.
  • Press the ‘Power’ button whilst holding down ‘Volume’.
  • Wait for the screen to load up.
  • Up the top it will say either s-on or s-off.

If your device is not showing as S-OFF you will need to use Raskel’s method for gaining S-ON here.

Rooting the HTC Salsa

1. First you will need to download the following files:



2. Once they have downloaded you will need to put them somewhere to locate such as your desktop.

3. Using your USB, connect your HTC Salsa to your PC.

4. You will need to put both downloaded files (from step 1) on the SD Card storage of your device.

5. Once they are on the SD Card disconnect your device from your PC and switch it off.

6. You need to boot into HBOOT mode, which can be achieved by holding down‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’ at the same time.

7. The PH11IMG file will be picked up straight away and you will be asked if you want to update. Select ‘Yes’ to begin the flashing process.

8. Once the flashing is completed, you can reboot your device.

9. Switch your HTC Salsa off again and the boot back into Recovery mode. To achieve this, hold down ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power’ at the same time. Then from the HBOOT menu, select ‘Recovery’.

10. Now from the CWM Recovery menu navigate to ‘install zip from sdcard’ > ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Then locate and select the ‘Root file’ from the SD Card.

11. Selecting the file will begin flashing it, once it has completed you will need to select ‘reboot system now’ from the main Recovery menu.


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