The Sony Xperia Z3 is the flagship for the beginning of this year under the Japanese phone makers name. It marks one of the best handsets out there running the Android operating system, and no doubt some owners will up that opinion to the best phone out there. Even though Sony are great with native applications, services and bloatware for the owners, they still don’t allow you to get the most out of your devices because of the factory restrictions.

The best way to counter punch the restrictions is by unlocking the system internals. That way you can start installing custom ROMs, firmware which upgrades the OS to a newer version of custom Android and extra apps which are available from the Google Play store.

Xperia Z3 Be Moved

The firmware number we are referring to here is the official stock version you can check from the About Device menu. It’s available as a generic global release or from France, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Germany and other regions. You would have found the correct over the air signals arriving for your device from the region you are living. Otherwise, you ought to flash the correct version for your region manually.

Details of Note

  • If you are running the latest 23.0.A.2.93 software update on stock Android 4.4.4 KitKat you can follow the steps below for gaining rooting privileges.
  • Allow permissions for the USB Debugging Mode available from the Developer Options menu. You find that coming off the Settings menu on the phone.
  • Likewise, while in Developer Options, you must allow permissions for the Mock Locations’ option.
  • Experts recommend switching on Airplane mode for the duration of the steps. Do not switch it back until the end.
  • If you have any issues it’s likely because of the Drivers. Download the latest drivers for USB from Sony.
  • You should downgrade to the stock firmware build number mentioned in the title of the post if you are not running that already. Download the official firmware and come back to this page. You can check what version you are operating on now by stopping over at the Settings > About Device.The 23.0.A.2.93 firmware is only available for D6603 or D6653 device model number. You can check what model number yours is by heading to the same ‘About Device’ menu. 

How to root the 23.0.A.2.93 Firmware on Sony Xperia Z3

  1. Download the giefroot package from here.
  2. Extract the file to the desktop of the computer.
  3. Click the mouse over the install.bat file from the contents.
  4. Find the USB cable (likely using it with the charger) and connect the Xperia to the computer.
  5. Wait for the giefroot tool to pop-up some on-screen instructions.
  6. Follow them until the new tool finishes automatically rooting your device.
  7. Wait for the SuperSU request.
  8. We recommend you grant the permission by tapping the “grant” option on the display.
  9. Wait for a command prompt-style document showing you the device is successfully rooted on the screen.
  10. Look for the last few lines of the text. It should read something like “running exploit”
  11. Now look for the notice that says ” you can now disconnect your device from the computer.”

Don’t forget to check out our favorite root checker application available from the Google Play Store. It’s a free download and will tell you if it’s successful.