Most people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone enjoy listening to music. The Viper4Android application is one audio modification tool your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will love to help perfect your sounds coming from the speakers. The Viper4Android app is one of the most popular reasons to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet today, and it will stay that way for a few years yet.

The Viper4Android application gives you an unheralded amount of control over the audio that is coming from your speakers. The app will have the same kind of effect on your smartphone as an amp did for your lounge rooms around ten years ago. Not only does the Viper4Android app improve the quality of your audio, but it also lets you play DJ a little bit. With the app running, we can use an equalizer, control the audio sounds, use tons of effects and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Viper4Android application is just one of the many new root apps available for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after you root the device using the guide after the break.

Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting file for the SCH-I605 from here.
  2. You are voiding the Samsung warranty when you choose to root the SCH-I605 device. You need to head over to the Sam Mobile website and find the stock ROM for the model number and the region you are living. Flash that stock ROM for the SCH-I605 using the same Odin flashing tool you are using in this guide if you ever want the warranty working again. It will unroot your Note 2 device.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605

  1. Download the rooting file from the files section above and have it on the desktop of your computer.
  2. Extract the CF-Auto-Root file to get the rooting exploit and the Odin flashing tool inside.
  3. Right-click on the Odin flashing tool and choose to run it as an administrator.
  4. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605 before connecting it to the computer.
  5. Boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605 in download mode and then connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Wait for a few seconds and then check out the Odin app for a green ID: COM port and the “added” message from the message box. You will need to install the universal Windows ADB driver if you do not see your device connected.
  7. Click the AP button and upload the rooting file from the desktop to the SCH-I605 device.
  8. Do not change any of the default settings you can see from the Odin user-interface.
  9. Click the Start button and the Odin application will now flash the rooting exploit on your device.
  10. Wait for the pass message to appear from the message box in the Odin application.

Look over to the display of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and check for when it says it is restoring the stock recovery, cleaning up and then going to reboot in ten seconds. It will now reboot to recovery mode. It must boot into recovery mode for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device to be rooted. Any Note 2 that does not make it in recovery mode must be booted to recovery mode manually using the hardware button combination for that on your device.