When thinking of the Milestone X which is brought out by Motorola, it’s hard to think of any one word to go along with it that says innovation. It has very typical Motorola looks in terms of design, and really, it just handles the basics. On the other hand, it’s also hard to say a bad word about it, unless you find it ugly. Good looks aren’t always a phone’s peril, though, as many will tell you. Sometimes it’s also about its durability too.

It’s big update which saw many owners loving it, was the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade that it received back in Marsh of this year. This root tool will give root access to that also as far as I know. To check out the full list of details, head over to the link provided in step 1, which should link up to another thread on the matter.

Motorola Milestone X

Rooting the Motorola Milestone X

1. Download the DooMLoRD Toolkit and extract the files to your desktop.

2. Don’t start anything to do with the mobile from this point on unless you are sure the battery will see you through the procedure. You want to see at least 60% battery power left being displayed on your screen before starting. If your icon is telling lies because it is getting old now, then you will have to decide for yourself and add that extra amount from your calculations. For example, if your handset burns through the battery quicker than it used to, then you will want to have more like 70%. Or if you know what it says is a lie because its calibration is out, then you will have to do the math on what will be correct to equal the real 60%.

3. Enable Unknown source application by navigating to settings and then applications.

4. Connect the mobile to the computer with the USB cable. Don’t forget for this to work USB debugging needs enabling from the handset settings for it to pick this up.

5. Run the runme.bat file that will be on the desktop.

6. From here you see a set of on-screen instruction to follow.

7. When phones come from the manufacturer they are all given factory restriction so that certain tasks aren’t possible. By performing this task those restrictions are taken away and so will your warranty. One thing that will still remain is the opportunity to do a factory reset. This option should only be taken if you can’t find a solution to the problem you are facing, otherwise you will have wasted a lot of work. There is no harm in doing this though, and once it is done with the device will literally be how it was when you first bought it. When people send their phones away to get them fixed, this is all they end up doing half the time unless it is a hardware failure that requires a new piece of equipment installed inside. This is something that you should never try to fix yourself.