The International model of the Sammy Galaxy S4 LTE I9505 is finding the over the air signals for the latest version of Android 5.0.1 Lollipop coming soon. The official build number is i9505xxuhoa7. Those of you with past root access should flash the file manually by following the link available from this post. Now that you have upgraded to the official stock Android you have lost the past root access. That means you can use the guide below, thanks to Chainfire and his tool for opening up the ports and breaking away the system internals from the default factory restrictions.

Follow the list of essentials for your S4 after the jump so you know everything you need before unlocking the device to the XXUHOA7 firmware. Those with knowledge can skip the essentials and get started with the guide.

Galaxy S4 with Lollipop

Details of Note

  • You should take time to back up your existing Galaxy S4 data to the internal SD card memory or the external SD card. Google Drive also offer a limited amount of free space with their service if you need more space. Those with enough space already can download and install Helium for Android from the Google Play store and sync their device with Samsung Kies.
  • Remember to disable Samsung Kies before starting the guide with the Odin application because they can cause interference.
  • You must flash the custom recovery image before starting with the rooting guide. The custom recovery image we are using today is Team Win’s TWRP.
  • You are connecting to the computer for the guide so the USB charging feature will take over. You don’t need to rely on your battery power being charged unless you know the USB charging isn’t working when connecting the USB cable to the computer.
  • Furthermore, you should use a Windows PC only. A PC is a word that does fit for smaller devices such as laptops also. Do not try installing Odin and flashing the files on a different operating system such as Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite.
  • Make sure you backup the EFS folder by following the post here for the Google Play application.


  • Download the Odin 3.09 here.
  • Choose your version of TWRP from here.
  • Download SuperSU here.

How to flash the TWRP recovery

  1. Boot the Sammy S4 LTE in Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down + Power + Home buttons at the same time.
  2. Connect it to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Wait for the Odin ID: COM port to change color and tell you that it’s added.
  4. Click the AP button.
  5. Upload the official TWRP executable file after extracting the file from the desktop.
  6. Do not touch any of the default Settings from Odin.
  7. Make sure you have not touched the re-partition box.
  8. Click the start button for the flashing to start.
  9. Wait until it’s finished and your device will automatically reboot.

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505 with the latest Android 5.0.1 Lollipop xxuhoa7

  1. Keep the Odin application open.
  2. Click the AP button once again.
  3. Upload the official SuperSU file from the desktop. Make sure you extract the file first.
  4. Leave the same default Settings inside Odin.
  5. Click start when you are ready.
  6. That’s it! After a few minutes your device will reboot itself and you have the root access you desire. Now you can start thinking about flashing a custom ROM or installing the rooted applications from the Google Play Store.

That’s all.