Regular Tech Chomps readers might have seen us talk about the ROM Toolbox as being one of the few all-in-one ‘toolbox’ type solutions that is still useful to rooted users today. One of the few other toolboxes available that is nearly as useful is the 3C Toolbox.

The 3C Toolbox application is an app that many people cannot do without thanks to its ability to run a task manager, kill apps that are running in the background, backup and restore APK files, tweak the CPU and change the voltage settings. Sure, there are other apps that are popular and the market to do each of those things, but there is not any one application you can install to do them all. It’s perfect if you want to save space and effort and the 3C Toolbox application is relatively unknown to this day. Thus, you will also be impressing your friends when you break this one out in front of them.

HP Slate 6 Voice Tab

Here is everything you need to root the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab device and install root applications like the 3C Toolbox app:

Files You Need

  1. Download the Root Genius application for the Voice Tab from here.
  2. Note that by rooting the HP Slate 6 device, you are voiding the WP warranty. You can always unroot and retract your work to get the warranty working again. Furthermore, there are some mobile service providers who will still look at a rooted device. Get in touch with your provider to find out what they say if your warranty means a lot to you.

Rooting the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Voice Tab device so you can connect to the computer and use the one click rooting application with your device.
  2. Download the Root Genius app from the files section above directly to the computer and copy it from the default downloads folder to the desktop.
  3. Extract the Root Genius application to the desktop of the computer.
  4. Double-click and launch the Root Genius application so that the rooting application’s user-interface is open.
  5. Connect the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab device to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Wait for a few seconds for the Root Genius program to automatically detect your HP tablet.
  7. Once detected, click on the ‘Root Now’ button from the main screen.
  8. Wait until the progress bar on the display of your application makes it all the way around to 100% before you touch any buttons on your tablet.
  9. Wait until you get the success message and then reboot your Voice Tab device before attempting to do anything with your newly rooted device.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to root the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab running on any firmware. You can head over to the Google Play Store and start installing your root-requiring applications like the 3C Toolbox application we mentioned in the introduction.