Do you have the desire to install a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo? Or perhaps you really want to test out some of the extra apps available for root-only users when you enter Google Play? Whatever your situation is, you’ll need to gain root access on your Sammy smartphone for that. The Pocket Neo is a cheaper device that’s starting to age now, so it’s getting popular for opening the system internals away from the OEM restrictions.

The rooting exploit we are using thanks to Chainfire must first be downloaded to a Windows computer. You can use the Microsoft Surface tablets too, since they come with a USB port  for connecting smartphones. Furthermore, you should consider disabling any security measures in place on your computer such as antivirus or anti-malware protections. The tools we are using today are third-party tools and may cause conflicts with security. Just remember to enable them again on the way out or else you may be vulnerable when browsing the internet at a later date.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Files you need

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo GT-S5310/GT-S5312 and install a custom recovery (ClockworkMod recovery)

  1. Download the Samsung USB Drivers directly to the Windows computer. You cannot use this guide unless you have a Windows PC.
  2. Extract and unzip the custom recovery file so you can use them. Keep the executable files on the desktop.
  3. Extract the Odin tool so you can use it too.
  4. Run the Odin tool and leave it open on the desktop.
  5. Make sure you completely power off the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo by holding the power button for ten seconds before letting go. Don’t let go before ten seconds.
  6. Reboot the Pocket Neo now holding the Power, Home and Volume Down buttons. It will take you to another screen where you should press the Volume Up button. Now you are in what we call Download Mode.
  7. Connect the Pocket Neo to the same Windows computer where you downloaded and the Odin tool and have the custom recovery and rooting package.
  8. Click the PDA or AP button inside Odin and browse the desktop for the CWM recovery file.
  9. Click the Start button in Odin and wait for the custom recovery to finish flashing.
  10. Close the Odin tool now, and transfer the rooting file to the internal storage SD card of your Pocket Neo. The file should still be zipped.
  11. Completely power down the smartphone again by holding the Power key for ten seconds minimum.
  12. Reboot it now in Recovery Mode. — this is the custom recovery mode with button sequence Home + Power + Volume Up.
  13. Once you load the custom recovery, go to the menu and choose “install zip from SD card”.
  14. Click “Choose zip from SD card” and browse the SD card for the rooting file.
  15. Once complete, you should have SuperSU installed and your device equipped with root access.
  16. Go back to the main recovery menu and choose to reboot the system now.

After your device reboots, you’ll have the root access and a custom recovery still installed so you can use it for flashing custom ROMs.

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