This tutorial will teach you everything you need to learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 Lite 7.0. The guide below should work for most firmware versions up until now. There’s a chance Google patch the current exploit with the Android Marshmallow that’s soon to be released this fall. However, up until today, this is the guide you’ll want to use.

It’s important you use this post only with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0. You shouldn’t use this guide with any other Sammy tab device from their range. If you do try flashing the file we have here on a different device, you might brick it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

It’s a great idea to disable Samsung Kies and any other security programs you might be running on the computer. Moreover, it’s a Windows PC you’ll need to use, since the Odin application doesn’t work with any other operating system. Odin is made by the real Samsung developers, and since most of their users are running Windows, they decided to only cater for people with Windows. That trend doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon, so if you are hunting for a new computer and use Android, we suggest sticking with Windows for the best chance to customize your device.

You should allow permissions for the USB Debugging Mode so you can connect the tablet to the Windows computer. Without the mode enabled, the computer cannot communicate with the Sammy tablet. Some of you might find the Developer Options menu is hidden. Unhide the menu by tapping over the build number seven times. Now you will see the Developer Options menu enabled from the Settings application. Enter the said Developer Options to enable the USB Debugging mode.

You should know that Samsung smartphones and tablets come with enhanced security features such as Knox security. You’ll need to find out what it takes to get the warranty working again if that concerns you. The guide does void the warranty. However, you should be able to get the warranty working again with a few tricks. head over to the XDA Developers website to learn more about what it takes for your specific device.

Files you need:

  • Download the Root zip file for this tablet from here.
  • Download ODIN v3.07 from here.
  • Download the CWM custom recovery image from here.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0

  1. Extract the ClockworkMod (CWM) and Odin files (unzip) to the desktop so you are able to use the executable files inside the folder. They are the files ending with .exe. Do not unzip the rooting file. Instead, transfer the rooting file over to the internal storage SD card after you connect the device to the computer during the guide.
  2. Run the Odin tool so the program is opened. Leave it open for now.
  3. Hold down the power key for ten seconds, so your device completely powers off. That’s the required time for Samsung device.
  4. Reboot the handset back up in Download Mode. You can do that by holding the Power with Volume Down and Home keys at the same time and then let go when the screen changes. From the next screen, press the Volume Up button and you’ll bypass the warning screen and enter the Download Mode.
  5. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 to the computer where you have the files and Odin waiting. Remember to transfer the root zip file to the SD card now.
  6. The Odin application should detect your tablet now. if that doesn’t happen for you, it’s probably because you need the Samsung USB Drivers.
  7. Click the PDA/AP button in Odin and upload the custom recovery file from the desktop, making sure you unzipped it first.
  8. Click the Start button to flash that custom recovery.
  9. Once the custom recovery is fully installed, unplug the tablet from the computer.
  10. Completely power off the tablet yet again, only this time boot it back in the recovery mode. To do that, hold the Power key with Volume Up and Home together until you can see the recovery option.
  11. Enter the recovery mode and navigate to the “Install” option from the recovery menu.
  12. Browse the SD card for the rooting package you should have transferred earlier. The file should still be zipped.
  13. Continue to install the file and it will root your device in minutes.
  14. Navigate back to the main CWM recovery menu and choose to reboot the system now.

Once your Sammy tablet reboots, it will have the custom recovery and root access installed. You can use the same key commands to enter the recovery mode in the future and flash custom ROM zip files.

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