This version of the Note II phablet is the Dual Sim. That means owners can use two Sim cards in it, which has become a very popular thing to do. It lets the user use the phone for home and work, for example. It is a bit of a strange combination, however, for a phablet because it is not a typical business device. That being said, there is a small market where it suites a person working needs to a T, so for that reason it sure does have some merit to it.

Android is certainly no stranger to only trying to cater for everyone. It is arguably the recipe for their success so far, and it has been a lot. Most people would assume that you should not worry about small markets because the profit just isn’t there, but if you look at what Android has managed to do, that only isn’t the case at all. Short term pain and indeed turned into long-term success.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There’s a checklist everyone should go over before starting, there are:

– The Samsung Galaxy USB drivers

– The USB debugging mode enabled

– Backup the device using the internal memory. If the internal memory is used up, you can use apps from the Google Play Store to backup EFS, SMS and MMS call logs. Now sync the contacts with Samsung Kies or Gmail and this will have backed up all things you need. Additionally, users have the option of using external SD card storage that is available from the best electronic shops.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Dual SIM Variant N7102

1. Download the, as well as the Odin 3.07.

2. Extract both of these zip files. Place the contents on your desktop for easy access. You will need to grab files during the guide.

3. Power down the device. Boot it back up into download mode.

4. Run the ODIN, which you downloaded as an administrator. You will need admin permissions.

5. Connect the device to the Windows PC with the USB cable.

How do I know if this connected properly? By noticing a message inside ODIN saying added.

6. Now from the extracted zip file on the desktop, you need to pluck out the following files and put them as follows inside ODIN.

Put the CF-Auto-Root-t03gchnduos-t03gduoszc-gtn7102.tar.md5file in the PDA area.

Make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check boxes are checked. Do not have any of the others checked.

7. Click the start button to begin the rooting process. Wait for it to complete. It will take a few minutes. When the root tool is finished with the device it will reboot by itself.

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