The S4 is the newest S in the Samsung Galaxy range and this MotoChopper method is known as being the “easy way” to obtaining root access. Put them together and you’re in for a good time and that’s exactly what we have here below.

Even though this is a new method via a really cool tool, that doesn’t mean that warranty situations will be any different to what they normally would be once you install something custom. As soon as the good old seal is broken so to speak, you will be left out in the cold. The remarkable thing is that you can zip it back up again by un-rooting and your warranty will be in perfect pecking order just like it was brand new. Getting this done will need another guide and they aren’t always available for every single device so you might want to look into this before you start. Being the S4, which is the flagship, we have suspicions that you won’t have any problems doing this sort of thing if need be later on.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 comes with many ways in which root access can come about. That is ironic, since when it was first released, it was called the device that isn’t capable of root at all. That soon changed and many developers took to unlocking the bootloader and it went from there.

There’s a good chance that this S4 isn’t just a test phone, for you and that it is your daily drive. If we were to take a guess that also probably means that you have heaps of personal data on there that is stored. Even the little things like settings is easily overlooked at a time like this. Point being, it’s always good to stay on the safe side of life. Even if you are a dare-devil, there’s nothing to gain, but losing a lot of time out of your life trying to replace what was lost if you don’t back everything up before you start. Following a guide such as this can lead to trouble unexpectedly at any time. That’s not a huge threat to your handset in general, because its life is very rarely ruined. Even if you “brick” it which is the worst thing that can happen, it is fixable again more often than not.

As with many mobiles, there are many ways in which this is done. The goals are to combine what is the easiest way, and what is the best way. Those two things aren’t always the same.

Part of our job is to search for what that way is for you guys also, and as of now, that way in my opinion is by using the Motochopper method. Here it is:

1. Download the Motochopper from XDA.

2. Extract the zip file once you got it from XDA and put the contents on the desktop for easy access.

3. Open it up and select the run.bat file.

4. Plug the device into the Windows PC with the USB cable and approve the connection.

It will now begin rooting the device. Wait patiently for the root to finish.

On this site we have heaps of cool apps for Android’s running on root access that you guys can check out. Simply use the search bar and bring up the articles. Another thing you may also be interested in checking out is our Custom Rom posts.

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