The Carbon ROM is developed by the same team that made the liquid ROM. Their goal? To make a batter, faster, more stable ROM. They came up with the Carbon ROM. The carbon ROM has turned into a really popular ROM, especially on the Galaxy range. If you own a Galaxy Note 2 and want to install the carbon ROM on it, then check out below for how to get it done.

Assuming that you have already rooted the Note because that’s why you are looking for the custom things, there is nothing really of concern, such as losing warranty or anything like that because you have already lost it anyway.

Carbon Android

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to back up still though. If you are this far into technology you probably don’t need any help in that department. If you don’t usually back things up on your tablet, we suggest you start getting familiar with the process. Once you have completed it over five times you will be able to do it really quickly from then on in without any hassles at all.

Before you begin make sure you back up all of your data. We will be wiping all the data during this procedure so unless you want an empty Note then back it up.

1. Firstly, you will need to download the Carbon ROM. Next, go ahead and get your Google Groups. Download both straight to the Note devices SD card.

2. Boot the Note into recovery mode.

3. Now we want to do all the usual wipes. Wipe the data, dalvik cache, normal cache. This is necessary to make sure a smooth transfer.

4. Now from the SD card which you should have put the files on in step 1, we need to transfer those things to the Note. From inside recovery do the installation. Select install from SD card, grab the file and use the power button to select it. Do the same thing again with the Google Gapps.

5. Now navigate back to the main recovery screen and select reboot system now. The carbon Rom is installed after a reboot.

If you’ve followed this you will have lost any factory restrictions, which many people view as a good. The only downside is that it does leave you a bit on your own in times of need. There’s always other custom Rom’s out there though if you find that this one isn’t the one you are looking for. We personally haven’t used it and can only go on what we hear from others about its reliability. The good news is that like we mentioned in the first paragraph, the point of this was to make an improved version over the last and a big part of that was the stability. If it’s a case of once bitten twice shy for you normally, you might want to reconsider this time around.