These guides a bit complicated compared to the average root. If you are into installing firmware manually, then you should have no problem as this guide is very similar. However, there are a few extra steps involved in regards to the busybox after the normal flashing would be completed normally. Not a huge deal; it should only take an extra 5 minutes or so.

When Smartphones are released from the manufactures they come with a great deal of restrictions put in place by the deal. These stops us consumers from accessing all areas of the operating system inside, which is like putting a lock on some parts. If we were to gain access to these parts, we would be able to do a lot more with our open OS. This is what rooting is and why we do it. It isn’t always fun and games, however, because for some people it can raise ethical issues. If a company wants it this way, then why should you be able to touch it. From the buyer’s standpoint, we like to argue if we have already paid for the product then why shouldn’t we be allowed to do what we want with it? Surely we have the right to open it up and explore if we wish. We should be able to break them too, if that’s what we want to do right? Apparently that isn’t right if you are one of these big companies that produce the Smartphones. However, this is understandable because it threatens their ecosystem. When we do this they no longer have us under control and they are not making all the money from us like they would wish to. Since hacking has been around, we have aftermarket app stores where money is exchanged for apps that need root access to work. These applications cannot be found on the Google Play store.

Samsung Galaxy Victory

Details of Note

  • The computer needs the Samsung USB drivers installed. You can do this by hitting up the Samsung website from your browser and then downloading the ones that are up to date. This is simple to do. There are no specific device requirements. Generally, it’s just the one driver for most of the products as long as you have the branding correct.
  • Furthermore, make sure the USB Debugging Mode is enabled from the Developer Options menu. if the mode is not entitled to work then we cannot make the connection successfully.
  • Because it’s a flagship handset, the battery does a good job at holding up. For that reason we don’t have to be as strict when it comes to battery charging because we know it will last quite well. With that being said, as a precaution we wouldn’t recommend having anything less than 50% before you begin the steps.
  • There are several versions of this phone. This is for the Sprint version only.
  • Don’t forget to back up your device before proceeding. Backup using the Helium application available from the Google Play Store. Moreover, make copies of the SMS texts with SMS Backup +.
  • It is recommended you be running Android Jelly Bean for this procedure.

How to root and install TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE using BusyBox and SuperSU for Sprint subscribers

1. Download the following files:

TWRP Recovery (Get the Odin flashable version)
– Odin

2. Boot your Victory 4G into download mode.

3. Connect it to the computer via USB.

4. Run the ODIN, which you downloaded.

You should see a message appearing saying that the device has been added.

5. Look for the PDA button and upload the TWRP.tar file which you downloaded.

This is different to any normal flashing to do as it says. Auto Reboot and Re-partition boxes must be unchecked.

6. Press start.

Once it is finished, shut down the Victory.

Now we are going to boot it back up into the custom recovery. To do this press volume up+ power simultaneously.

Navigate to install and select the busybox file we downloaded earlier. Confirm the installation. Wait for it to complete and then do the same thing again, but this time using the SuperSu we also got a hold of before.

7. When the flashing has completed, reboot the mobile and you’re done.

Download the ‘Root Checker’ app from the Play Store and verify it all worked.