The Chromecast is quickly being labelled everything Google TV should have been. Don’t let the name fool you either, just because it has Chrome in it, doesn’t mean it’s based off of the browser. Nope, this baby is based on Android, making root access possible and opening up a world of endless possibilities. All of which is done on purpose, of course, because we know how much the Google team loves hacking themselves.

Did you know that Chromecast had Google Play movies and Music apps already running along with it. This has been supported since around the middle of this year, 2013. This unique tool also lets us control the TV via handset. Although this feature came out to some of the Samsung handsets, simply using this tool will view your access from any of them.

Google Chromecast

When this first came out there was a Netflix deal that involved getting 3 months of Chromecast free. Needless to say, it wasn’t long at all before Netflix decided to pull the plug on that one, realizing that the deal was a bit too good. There were thousands of people hooking up to that idea within a matter of days.

So how is it done? By using a secure boot exploit as shown in the video. It apparently has the same bootloader and kernels from Google TV, however, you can’t install APK’s.

There has been no official method on how to get it done as yet. As soon as it is posted we’ll put up the guide also.

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