The S4 I9505 is a Samsung Mobile’s flagship device for this year. It has all the bells and whistles on it, making it a dream device to own. You simply can’t get better unless looking at its direct competition. As we home in on the holiday period before 2014, we are now starting to see lots of noise being made for what will be the S5 that’s coming soon. There’s a huge range of these phones to do with the universe now and it’s starting to get a bit confusing. It can also be a testing time for those who own the handsets that are now beginning to age as we see new one’s come out, but Android does their best to make sure you don’t always feel like you have to go shopping. The incremental updates and the fun with changes can keep you satisfied for a little while yet. Even better news is that Android 4.4 will be coming to this phone not long into the new year. That means you can enjoy the chocolate treat, KitKat as a software before too long!

Samsung Galaxy S4

  • This method will work for you as long as you are running official firmware, including the likes of the latest Jelly Bean. This guide will show you everything you need to know about the I9505 model only. If you aren’t sure about this, you can take a look so you don’t make a mistake by heading over to settings > about the phone. From there, you will see what software it is running plus what the mobile actually is. Confirm matched up with the numbers. If it doesn’t, this can spell trouble because these guides are very case-sensitive. You don’t want to be installing this on another one because it can lead to bricking. If you have already gone ahead before reading this and made that mistake, there’s a good chance you can un-brick it by following another post. Because it’s a very mainstream handset, a developer more often than not will manage to come up with something. The older it gets, the more chance you have also.
  • Head over to the developer options to enable USB debugging. Sometimes it is turned to the off position. If that is the case for you head over to the settings and about the phone option again. From here click on the firmware build number 7 times to unlock the developer mode. This is a hidden secret that is built into Android operating systems.
  • Furthermore, verify the USB Drivers are up to date. Sammy make the drivers available in many ways. You can get the file from the official website, from outside sources such as media Fire or using Samsung Kies. Remember to disable Kies before starting the steps if you choose to update them that way.
  • In terms of power, this one isn’t too specific. The battery usually holds up well inside such a great handset. For that reason, give it about 50% power is fine to start the manual.
  • Did you know that custom recoveries are installed from the Google Play store? This is how you can get your hands on them to download. Popular one’s like the TWRP and CWM are two of the most popular one’s available today!
  • Some people like to install software and things with Samsung KIES. That is great usually, however, when we are trying to install without KIES we should always switch this function to off mode. The reason is that it can cause conflict. The same is said for any kind of security software you have running like antivirus for instance.

How To use ChainFire’s CF-Root To Root The Samsung galaxy S4 I9505

1. Download the Rooting package For Galaxy S4 I9505, as well as ODIN 3.07. Extract the file’s contents to the desktop for easy access in a minute.

2. Turn your phone on and put it in download mode.

3. Open up the ODIN program, ensuring admin permissions.

4. Connect the Galaxy S4 I9505 to the computer via USB cable.

5. Inside Odin you should see a PDA button. Click this button and upload the file which is inside the extracted package you did in step 1.

6. Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes need to be checked like in the image above.

7. Click the start button to begin the rooting process.

Troubleshooting Odin is an easy task if you know what you are doing. By disconnecting the phone and then taking out the battery, this should give you time to fix this stall. Once Odin is responsive again, we can then put the battery back in and then power it on again. Now you will have to follow the manual again for another try at it.

Now that you are finished, you have plenty of options from here. When you have rooted one of the most popular devices, there’s always lots to choose from because developers love to make things for them like custom Rom’s and apps.

Since its release, we have seen bigger and smaller version of it comes out on the market. These were great and sold really well, but nothing compares to the standard size if you ask us. Sources say that Samsung plan on keeping the same screen size for the next one due up next year sometime around June.

Download the Root Checker application and confirm the OS is successfully unchained before starting to install Custom ROMs and apps.

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