Resident Evil 6 has now come out and can be bought from the Microsoft Store online or you can pre-order it from several retailers online.

The last Resident Evil was a bit of a flop to be perfectly honest but this new Resident Evil 6 has a lot of promise about it.


Resident Evil 6 is set to be released on the 2nd of October for Xbox 360 PlayStation and a later date for Microsoft Windows.

The cool new feature with Resident Evil 6 is that players can choose from any of 3 different story lines to follow all with different scenarios.  Once gamers are done with the three different story lines a fourth one then becomes unlockable content.

It’s been two years in the making and after a brief set back Resident Evil 6 was finally revealed to the world at the E3 2012 during Microsoft’s press conference.

Gamers can also expect to find a downloadable demo available for Xbox Live and PlayStation network go-ers on September 18 which is only a few days away now so hold tight!

You can check out the official Resident Evil 6 trailer that was released during this years E3 event.

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