It seems four inches is Apples size of the year with both the screen on the iPhone 5 and now the new iPod touch receiving a four-inch screen as well.

Whilst giving the speech on the new iPod Touch, the Apple presenter spoke out how making a big screen was easy and that anyone can do that, taking a stab at competitors like Samsung in the process. He then went on to say it’s not about making the biggest screen, these are phones. What people want is for the device to remain small but to allow people to get the best user experience possible.


So what size does this? Apple have concluded it to be the magical four inches. That’s why both the iPod touch and the iPhone 5 have been given this screen size. At least this year for now anyway.

You may have noticed from the image above that the iPod touch is now available in a selection of groovy colors. It’s clear Apple have attempted to target a younger audience with both the iPod touch and the iPod Nano which was also released in a variety of colors at the Apple event in San Francisco. Interestingly though, that wasn’t the case for the new iPhone 5 that is still only available in black and white with an aluminium looking back to it which Apple is calling slate grey.

The iPod Touch comes with built-in Siri now which came out on the iPhone 4S of course. The new iPod Touch also comes with a revamp iTunes to go along with the iTunes update which Apple also revealed at the same time.

Ear buds have been topic of many conversation leading up to the Apple event with many hoping they would receive an upgrade to go along with all the other upgrade because let’s be honest, they needed it. And Apple didn’t disappoint bringing out some ear buds that look so far to be much improved. It may be one of those things you just have to try however, rather than take Apples word for it.

The iPod Touch is expected to be available from stores as early as later this week depending on what part of the world you are from. Places like Australia are getting their hands on the Apple products before the US. There may be more strange cases like this happening around the world also. But no matter where you are from there shouldn’t be too long a wait.

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