Today was the long-awaited Apple event held in downtown San Francisco in what was dressed up as an impressive complex specifically for the Apple event.

Like many had thought, there was more to this event than just the iPhone 5 but not many new there was going to be quite this much. After showing off the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch a groovy looking iPod Nano made its way to steal the attention up on stage.


The iPod nano is a device that deserved resurgence by all means; i mean what was not to love? It was the gadget of its time and I’m glad to see it back…and brighter than ever!

I dig the bright colours of the new Nano. It’s a device that doesn’t do a hell of a lot so looking sophisticated is something it doesn’t need to do. But be trendy, cool, hip and treated as an accessory is probably something it did need and that’s what Apple has done. The iPod Nano also comes with an interesting wrist clip idea which so far all people can work out is for some good swinging action.
The introduction of the iPod Nano was a great way to cap off a fun-filled event and may have carried along with the hidden them of the day. That is that today for Apple wasn’t so much about what they could do that was new, but how they could improve an already existing product. And that they did well on all accounts.

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