If you already own a Windows operating system Microsoft are offering a Windows 8 of only $14.99 – This is a really neat upgrade offer deal for all existing Microsoft customers for several reasons that i will get into after the jump.


Firstly, the Windows 8 upgrade offer is a really great deal because if you were to buy the Microsoft Windows 8 for retail you’d be looking at just under $200 coming out of your pocket which is a huge difference and one heck of a sale produced by Microsoft. Now I’m no expert on why Microsoft might be doing such a thing but if i were a betting man, I’d say it was a strategic plan on gaining some long-term customers. Which brings me to my next point on why it’s such a great deal. If you’re seeing it now chances are you might be seeing it again in the future, which means if you don’t have a copy of Windows go out and get it so you can be part of the future great deals like these. Also, a little consolation prize for feeling the sting of a full price Windows 8 package when you know others are only paying $14.99

If you are an existing Microsoft user, please remember, you can’t just walk in whenever you feel like it to get dibs on this Windows 8 upgrade offer promotional price. It must be purchased within the strict time frame Windows provided by Microsoft. The offer also is only valid for those people who currently own one of the newer range of Microsoft operating systems. The list includes Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 7 home basic, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. In other words if you have a Windows 7 of any description, you’re covered.

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