Despite the lackluster performance of the markets, the next generation budget iPhone, or the iPhone 6C, is still expected to be coming. That will be accompanied by the always classy, iPhone 6S which is the flagship model that will never be leaving us unless Apple completely fold over.

There’s much deliberation over the reason, but it seems Apple will be caving in and going with a larger screen size much like their competitors have. The reports have this screen 4.9 inches in size. That’s only marginally smaller than the current Samsung flagship Galaxy S4. Moreover, the S4, which has also been announced will be keeping the same size screen.

We are about to witness major changes in the way screens work. However, that isn’t the size difference selling point. That comes down to us developing a resolution currently unlike anything we have seen before. The only problem is to the average human being, keeping the size Apple has now — a measly 4.3 inches — couldn’t offer any viewing benefits. To get the chance to enjoy the new resolutions, it’s going to have to be bigger. Hence why we are now seeing the Cupertino company to adjust their sizing.

Although this is what we’ve been told, we went through this kind of speculation every year for the last 6 of them. At least half of those have ended up being moderately different to what the first reports were. Having said that, as time goes on, it’s remarkable how accurate, these leaked bits of information become. This could be put down to them being correct all along, but the fruit company changes their minds. And believe me, that does happen from time to time.


In similar news, analysts have predicted a higher price for the iPhone 6S. This could mean we are about to see some big improvements to go along with the flexible displays. It will also open up the doors at getting more sales for the cheaper option phone while raising higher profit margins.

Via: Unwired View