By this time there’s not a soul in the world that’s not beginning to grow weary of these two tech company’s patents that never seem to end. The judges, though, don’t seem to mind making one of the two throw away endless amounts of money.

This time around, it’s Samsung that has been ordered to cough up $290 million dollars because the courts have concluded that the South Korean based company had seemingly copied parts of the iPhone.

From a company perspective, it’s good that they stand up for their innovative ideas and don’t let other just steal them. That’s not to say they have, but there’s no doubt that these people do look at one another and possibly don’t know where to draw the line.

With the way this one was playing out, the company Samsung knew they were in trouble and were willing to give away some money. That amount is close to the $50 million mark. Apple had hoped for that price to be significantly increased to more around the $400 million mark. After endless hours, the judge decided to rule this one in favor of Apple, but only to the tune of around half of what they wanted. This basically ended up splitting the difference between the two.

To us everyday folk, that seems like a big loss for Samsung, but that they were willing to let go of a large sum already means they knew they were in the wrong. With a company that throws around many billions, it also doesn’t end up doing serious damage like we might think.

Via: Twitter