If you own one of these devices, you should be receiving an over the air update which is specifically designed to stop you from being able to unlock it. Hacker, Dan Rosenberg developed a method to unlock these devices, which was then discovered and patched by the Verizon team. Verizon is the carrier to these particular mobiles. If you do update, you will no longer be able to unlock as the new kernel will not be exploited.

There is some talk that if you have already unlocked either one of these two devices that it can then not be patched, therefore you shouldn’t have to worry. However, that is just a report and we don’t have any way to confirm its authenticity so proceed with caution.

As far as we know it is expected to roll out to all devices. This kind of thing is nothing new to update. Many of them are indeed to fix some kind of security issue. Always research what the update entails before going ahead with it if you plan on doing any kind of customization. The reason being is because they are also taken away along with it.

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