If you want to find the best proxy server video streaming sites on the web you can find them on the list below. A ‘ proxy’ is used mainly for two reasons. The first is to provide better performance for a network of computers and the second is to add extra security. The most common security feature is to browse the web anonymously so nobody can see your data, such as the OS you are using, the browser or the location. These statistics are commonly used by website owners, the internet service provider and other organizations.

Given that all of the five sites listed here do much of the same thing, I will rank them in order of what I suspect is the most trafficked to the least. That will give people a good idea of what sites are the most popular and therefore what is the best. According to my Alexa rankings, statistics and also SEMRush statistics based on US traffic alone, the list is as follows:

Hide My Ass

1. Hide My Ass

Although the name is rude, it is without a doubt the top for VPN. The site includes the ability to evade hackers, surf the internet privately, access video from others countries. The latter is great because some websites will not allow you to access content they have if you are outside of the region they wish to permit the video. It happens in business and licensing reasons. If you know of a favorite pastime or site that doesn’t permit you to view footage that you wish you could, this is the answer for you. However, Hide My Ass comes at a cost. At the top of the homepage is a pricing plan. if you do not wish to pay money, we have some other options blow.

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2. Anonymouse

Cleverly named, Anonymouse takes the first part of the word anonymous and mixes it with a mouse as a good representation of what the streaming proxy capable of. The one problem I have with this option is that it is a .org address and it run advertisements. That is not breaking the law, but there is an unwritten law between founders that it’s not a good idea. However, looking beyond the obvious it gets much better. The landing page is as far as you need to go. Choose between English or German, and it will direct you to the page with the URL bar where you type the URL of the page you want to visit. It couldn’t be any simpler!

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3. Ninja Cloak

According to our ranking system, the second most popular streaming video proxy site is the Ninja cloak. It is the best of the bunch that is available free of charge. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing design, but it gets the job done with ease. The black background to the homepage scares many people away and that’s understandable. However, we find no malware, spyware or any other type of security threat when we access the site. use it with confidence until further notice. You will see the URL bar when visiting the site. Type in the web address you choose to browse invisibly and it will take you there with the Ninja bar across the top of the screen. You can continue to browse from this point on without your geographical information, IP address and other information being tracked.

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4. Best YouTube Proxy

The best YouTube video proxy works for a micro-niche of purely wanting to work for YouTube views. For some, browsing the Google’ owned video content site is not a big deal and therefore they don’t care of the people working at the Googleplex see them or not. Furthermore it does eliminate the need for many people who wanted to do other things. However, if YouTube is something you use a lot there’s no doubt this is the perfect website to use. Some people are frightened of using the ‘info’ domain extensions, but I can assure you there is many of them that are legitimate sources of information. At one stage they were on sale very cheap and that made them a prime candidate for spam targets. Reasons people like to use this option include the removal of advertisements, available to see from Pakistan, work and your local school.

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5. Blewpass

Blewpass rounds out my top five that work great for video streaming because it mentions YouTube in the description. Powered by 4everproxy, Blewpass offers a variety of quick links the user can access such as daily Motion, Vimeo, Break and Facebook where people can get past blocks issues by countries, schools and work environments. Just remember if you get caught, it can lead to a lot of trouble by your boss, teacher or even law officials.

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