Read the comment sections of some of the biggest blogs in world and it doesn’t take long to realize how much the American people look up to Ed Snowden, with many proclaiming him as the modern-day hero. Snowden’s lived an astonishing life — much of which has been locked up behind closed doors after fleeing away from a United States governments that would stop at nothing until they had him motionless from being the root cause of many of their problems.

Which like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Snowden chose a path of civil rights and protecting the people even if that meant putting him in grave danger with the best FBI and government agents coming for him.

Ed Snowden

Viewing the globe on a world scale, the US is still one of the places that gives us the most comfort. It comes ahead of most parts in the Middle East, areas of Europe, Asia, South East Asia and more. However, it recent times we’ve seen the US-based government agencies exposed thanks to a great world-wide web. Aaron Schwartz was another modern-day hero who was an avid internet activist and a smart one at that. We reply on these minds to help keep the power in the western world as honest as possible.

Snowden’s case is a little different. The New Yorker managed to have him for over an hour for a sit down interview during their festival. Ed formerly worked for the central intelligence agency overseas in an undercover operation. You can watch the full interview below: