YouTube steaming servicesYou can sign up for over 30 streaming services directly from YouTube. This includes services such as Paramount Plus, Showtime, and even NBA League Pass is coming soon.

You will still have to pay for the services which will likely remain the same price. But Google has struck a deal to offer them directly from their YouTube platform. Presumably, this means Google will make a small amount in fees, but who knows, perhaps they are offering it for free.

YouTube is fast becoming many people’s favorite TV service already. I know I often skip what is showing on my free-to-air TV and head straight to what is on offer on the front page of YouTube. There are many excellent documentaries on YouTube and I’ll choose them over the next episode of Family Guy if that’s all my free-to-air TV offers me. These streaming services available directly from YouTube are only going to help grow YouTube viewing hours even more.

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